Member FAQ


How do I chat with a model?

After registering as a member, you can enter a chat room, and you can start a conversation with the model in the free chat field.
In the free area, usually other visitors and members also talk to Model.

If you like the model and she accepts to answer your requests during the conversation, you can ask the model to turn on the group chat or if you wants to move to a private room, just click on “Private chat” - Send Video call request

During a group or private chat session, you can also activate your own webcam to interact with the model in a Cam2Cam feature.
The bidirectional audio feature is also available.


How do I leave a chat room?
You can leave a chat room simply by clicking the stop broadcast button at the top of the room, or click the button to return to the free chat.
In Private Chat, CameraPrivee uses billing per minute, which ensures that Members pay only for the actual time spent individually with Modelo.


When do I see that a model is online?

On the home page, the available models are clearly visible in their thumbnails, with a green icon.
They can be in free chat or group.
Models that have just entered private chat or are offline have a red icon.

Do you have a twitter  account? Add your Twitter account to Cameraprivee and be aware of who is online on the site. You can add Cameraprivee as your friend here

I only see Girls by default. Can I see other models in other categories? Yes, click on the "Categories" button


How can I find a specific model?
The easiest way to find your favorite model is to enter the name of the model you want, in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also mark it as a favorite by clicking on the heart icon


How can I send messages to models?

Our Members are privileged to send private messages to models. Just register and click send message.
Sending the message is completely free.


I have a smartphone. Do I need an application to use CameraPrivee when traveling? 

NO! You can enjoy the same CameraPrivee experience, anytime, anywhere.


How to schedule an appointment with the model when the model is off?

Click on the "heart" icon to mark your favorite models, Sends an internal message to the model to match the time


How much is each 1 Token worth?   Each 1 Token is worth 10 cents of the Euro


How to buy tokens?

Login to your customer account and click on buy more tokens, You have a choice of several payment options.


Funds / Tokens - click here - 


Credit card and debit card payments, anywhere in the world -  If you want to make the payment by Credit card and debit card - click here - 


PaysafeCard - Can be used anywhere in the world. Payment by prepaid card that can be purchased on a wide international network, using that card reference to make the payment.

More explanations here.     If you want to make the payment by Paysafecard - Go HERE


PAGAQUI - Can be used anywhere in the world. More explanations here.   If you want to make the payment by Pagaqui - click here - 


PayShop - (PORTUGAL)
National network with about 7000 points, of which 5000 are Payshop agents that allow cash payments. More explanations - Click Here  -  If you want to make the payment by PayShop - click here - 


Payment Method by Entity and Reference, you can use the same reference as many times as you want without limit of validity. When generating the reference, you should keep it, for future use. If you want to make the payment by Multibanco - click here - 

Multibanco DL (Portugal)
Payment Method by Entity and Reference, are references with deadline for payment. If you want to make the payment by Multibanco DL - click here - 


MB Way - (Portugal)
Payments devices for Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone and Tizen. More Explanation Click Here - If you want to make the payment by MB WAY - click here - 


How can I get FREE Credits?
When new people register on, they get credits as a Welcome bonus. This option is only available to new users. The number of tokens may not always be the same.
Bonus credits are NOT refunded after spending on our website

Where can I ask about billing information? You may contact here


I forgot my password. What can I do?
If you can't remember your password, go to the login page and click Forgot password?

After providing your registered email address, check your email to complete the password reset.

If your login details don't reach you, please contact CameraPrivee Customer Service by sending an email Here.


Products Sale - Sale of products - Return policy: Right of Free Resolution

Purchase of new items:
The Customer has 7 days after receiving the goods to terminate the contract and return it.

The Client must inform CameraPrivee of the decision to terminate this contract by means of an unambiguous statement (to e-mail:

The right of free termination must be exercised by issuing the said communication within 7 days after receiving the goods.

The Client is solely responsible for proving that he exercised the right of free withdrawal within the legal deadlines.

Only purchases of new products are entitled to regret and only if the item sold belongs to a citizen of the European Union.
The Customer must return the goods, presenting the respective proof of purchase.

It is the Customer's sole responsibility to bear the cost of returning the goods.
The Customer must keep the goods in order to be able to return them in the proper conditions of use.
(The packaging must not be opened, broken or damaged)

Consequently, with the exercise of the right of free retraction, the price paid for the goods will be returned to the Client, less shipping costs.
If we see the depreciation of the goods, there will be no refund of the value.
Depreciation of products is considered whenever there is a change in the initial state of the product and / or its packaging.

There is no refund until the products are received by cameraprivee.

Purchase of used items:
The right of repentance does not apply to sales between individuals. That is the case with models and customers.
Not all product purchases assume the right to repent.

There is no right to freely terminate the contract, in the following situations:

Supply of products made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly customized;
Supply of products that, by nature, cannot be resent or are subject to deterioration.
Audio and video recordings;

Used clothes. (In this case, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case  by our support or by CCBill's support. "

Our order cancellation policy:
Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel an order that has not yet been shipped.
The user pays for shipping orders, the delivery time is 3 working days after payment.

NOTE: We declare that all items and used clothing have been properly washed


Speak free on videochat VideoChat, Sending private messages and more! You don't have to leave the house to have fun You only need to register as a MEMBER   Click here:



To be a Member of Camera Privee, you need to complete two phases of registration, before you start seeing and talking to the models. See the step by step:

1. Pre-registration
In this first step, you provide your first registration data, such as: Account type - MEMBER, name, NickName and email. Attention: even if you complete this step, you will still not be able to login.

2. Validation email
After pre-registration, access the informed email and look for the confirmation email sent by Camera Privee. Saying "To check if your email account ( is active, follow the instructions below" You must click on the link to complete the registration.
After clicking and activating your email, a page will open saying that your registration is active. In your PROFILE you can put an Avatar for your favorite models to recognize you when you send them messages through their profile.
It has a Menu to check everything you do on the site, including buying tokens. Note - You must save your nick and password to login to the site later.



The validation email is a mandatory step in your member registration, as you saw in the registration steps.

If you have completed your pre-registration on the website and are not finding the email in your inbox, check the following details: Is the email you provided in the pre-registration correct? Is the email you accessed the same as the one you informed in the pre-registration? Did you look at your trash and spam box?
If you have gone through all of these items and have not yet received the email, please contact us



You do not pay, no fee, to register and become a member of Camera Privee. You also do not pay monthly fees to maintain your registration and use the site. Using Camera Privee and Talking to the models in Free Chat is totally FREE.
The charge only happens when you use one of the modalities of paid chat, buy content, or products of the models.
For that you will have to enter your Profile and Buy Tokens that are used to buy the shows, content and products of the models.


You need more information ? Thank you for choosing Cameraprivee ! We will be happy to assist you, 7 days a week. 

Contact us directly - email :