Studio FAQ


How do I create a studio account? 

Click on Register and choose studio  

This account should only be accessed by the studio owner and is the only account that can request payment from the studio.

Studio information

The studios are responsible for:

Sign up and help your models.

Provide clear guidelines on the rules of this site for your artists.

Make sure that you and your artists read and understand the Rules.

Offer assistance and support to your performers.

The model's share is always 70%, the study's share is always 10%, with the remaining 20% for commissions from the respective payment processing companies, advertising, use of the platform, and other expenses.

The model can only request payment over 80.00Eur.

The studio can only request payment over 20.00Eur.

Cameraprivee, only accepts studios that have at least 3 registered models with the appropriate identification documentation attached


cameraprivee, features

3 Live Chat Options - Models can start a private 1-on-1 paid chat, group chat, and free chat.

Performer Status - Models can update their status messages

Paid Video and Photo Galleries - Models can upload both free and paid video and photo sets.

Performer Pricing - Models always have the ability to set prices for their own content

The currency used in cameraprivee is the token - Each 1 Token is worth 10 cents of the euro

Private Messaging - Users and models can private message to connect

Geo-blocking Users - For privacy, the geo restriction feature allows models to block users from certain countries from visiting their cam.

Calendar - Models can announce their availability to notify users

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We provide the tools, you only have to register as a studio and add your models.

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