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Cam Girls and Escort Girls - CameraPrivee Portugal

Being a Model on CameraPrivee - How does it work?                       

Shows on the webcam, sell videos, photos, your lengerie or other objects. CameraPrivêe, is a platform that allows you to interact with your customers, while offering all payment intermediation.   Create an account and start casting now.

Monetize all your content in one place (Shows, Gifts, Messages, Photo and Video Albums, Product Store)

Live shows are only a part and represent a percentage of your earnings.

Sell your albums and videos at the value you want, spread exclusive material to fans, update your profile with news as if it were a social network, receive gifts from visitors and monetize the direct messages you receive.

Achieve financial independence in your own way and without stress.

Do you want to do shows only a few times a week? Want to create your schedules? Have you thought about increasing your revenue by selling videos and content, and even making money while you are not online?

In CameraPrivee, you have the freedom to control your routine and can earn income that exceeds the minimum monthly wage.

Take advantage of our secure environment, we guarantee your anonymity, Our platform is as secure as the main e-commerce sites. We use the same security practices as global financial institutions, and all of your data will be stored in a secure and encrypted environment.

Your personal data will not be shared and you do not need to contact users to receive your winnings. Transmit with security and total anonymity. We take care of payment intermediation and technological development, so you can concentrate only on the fun part: doing shows and producing content. Optimize your earnings safely and without bureaucracy.

New ways to publicize your profile, you can put your social network on the website at (Blog) to let your fans know that you are connected on the website.

Don't stand still while waiting for that customer who never arrives! Send a message to your favorite customer through the website.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time and * receive it in your bank account or Paypal * Values above 40.00 Eur.

Go online whenever you want

Your quota is always BETWEEN 70% OR 80%, with the remaining 30% or 20% for the use of the platform, commissions from the respective payment processor firms, advertising and other expenses.

Make your own schedule! Have more quality of life, go on vacation whenever you want, don't put up with bosses, and work without stress, pressure or worries.

What do I need to get started? Internet, computer and webcam or tablet or mobile phone

How can I change my category?  Go to PROFILE - Edit Profile - In categories you can place the ones that are within what you do. You can place several.

How can I find out who is a guest and who is a member in my free chat room? 

Three buttons appear in the chat room: Chat | Users | Private
Clicking on Users will appear (Guests who can't write and Members who can write).
In case a Member wants to take You to the Group, he asks the model to change and enters the room without the model having to accept anything.
In the event that a Member wants to take You to Private, he will have to send the invitation, the model on hearing the sound will have to click on the button that says Private, the Member's name will appear and the model accepts the invitation.

It is ideal for strip houses, massages, escorts, group of friends, housewives, swing couples , unemployed ,and more Join us now! No investments. We provide the tools, you only have to register as a model. 

What are the rules of cameraprivee? You must be over 18 years of age.


(Models can start a private 1-on-1 paid chat, group chat, and free chat. )

*3 Live Chat Options ( explanation )

Free Chat - Just log in to the model account, and start streaming.
OBS: If you are in settings, to change the profile, photos , or other situations just click on the GO Online button

In this chat the client can give gifts, ask the model to turn on the group chat or call private show.

The model has to pay attention to the sounds of private request.

Group chat:
Just click on the group chat button and start transmitting.
Only customers with tokens can enter here, the model can see and speak with several customers.
Here the model has to pay attention to the sounds of private request.

How does private chat work?
- The client asks for private, the model hears a sound
- The model clicks on the private chat button, clicks on the client's name and accepts the private one.

NOTE : On the screen there are buttons to increase the letter, turn the sound on and off

Increase the screen size. (Just hover your mouse over the image)


Performer Status- Models can update their status messages , Paid Video and Photo Galleries

Models can upload both free and paid video and photo sets.

Performer Pricing - Models always have the ability to set prices for their own content

The currency used in cameraprivee is the token - Each 1 Token is worth 10 cents of the euro

Private Messaging - Users and models can private message to connect


Geo-blocking Users - For privacy, the geo restriction feature allows models to block users from certain countries from visiting their cam.

Calendar - Models can announce their availability to notify users


How do I choose the amount I want to receive in each chat?

Profile - Chat Settings - Choose your Private and Group chat price / Minute - Between 1 to 25 tk min (Each 1 tk is worth ten cents of the euro and 25 tk is worth 2.50 euros) is what you will be charged by the minute!


How can I make money offline? Make good videos and put affordable prices.
Make quality photo albums and put affordable prices. Sell your used lengerie or other objects.


I turn on my camera and don't see my image!
If you connect from a computer, the image must appear automatically.
If you connect from a cell phone, sometimes you have to accept the warning that appears giving you permission to access your webcam.
If the camera does not turn on, check if it is working.
Sometimes it will be better to put a camera external to the pc, if it is portable.


I'm having trouble with slow camera transmission.

If the camera image is slow, it can be caused by an unstable connection to the Internet, an overloaded computer, outdated equipment, low lighting conditions, if it is transmitting on a mobile phone, the net is probably unstable.

To resolve these issues, it is recommended that you verify that your computer and connection speed meet the requirements and that the room is well lit. If you are on a mobile phone, you must close additional applications running in the background and ensure that only CameraPrivee is using your internet connection.


I have little traffic in my room

The number of members and guests in your room may vary from time to time. However, there are some factors that affect the traffic in your room.

Have a high quality, approved profile photo. Make sure you have at least 6 approved images in your gallery for free visitors. Make sure you have a good look and sound on.

Try signing in more often and for longer, stay online as long as you can. Don't always be in a group, call for free and captivate more customers. Being in a group always is a privilege for models already well known.

Do you have a twitter or faceboock account?
Add your account to your profile in Blog Name, put your url of your social network in blog linck, let your friends and customers know that you are online. You can add Cameraprivee as your friend here


If I'm in free chat, I only have guests in my room

All guests are potential members
We bring traffic to CameraPrivee, but you, as a model, have a big role in converting them into members.
For you to have your clients, it depends exclusively on you


How do I upload my photos stored on my computer to my profile page?

Click on Profile - Images - Choose to place individual photos or create an album. Fill in the form. Just click Choose file, select the image on your computer and click the Add image button. Choosing the photo is free or paid.

In the case of being paid Place the price. (Each 1 tk is worth ten cents of the euro) Leave as Private
If you choose Public - stay free  ,  If you choose invisible, it will no longer appear on the profile.

How do I download videos to the site?  Go to Profile - Videos - upload video - Fill in the form to put it if it's free or paid and submit.  In the case of being paid Place the price. ( Between 15 to 120 tk  (Each 1 tk is worth ten cents of the euro ,15 tk is worth 1.50 euros , 120 tk is worth 12.00 euros ) is what you will be charged for each video.

How can I sell my lengerie or other products on the websiteGo to profile and click on My Products - Add new - fill in the form , choose price - quantity of Tokens  (Each 1 tk is worth ten cents of the euro ,15 tk is worth 1.50 euros , 120 tk is worth 12.00 euros ) is what you will be charged for each  product,  and save.
How do I know that someone bought my products? Just check if someone made the purchase and send the product to the member who bought it in Purchased Items - See details


How do I request my payment?
If you have completed the value of 40.00 Eur, you can order whenever you want. Go to Payout Requests - Add new request, choose the dates you worked between x day by x day, choose the method you chose to receive and save.


NOTICE ! - Administrators in the chat?
In case someone visits your chat room, using a name, like the "Administrator" and ask you for a 'promotional program', make sure you DO NOT provide . Our administrators always contact you privately, and never ask for programs.

Never believe someone who is pretending to be an administrator.
If you detect something like this please contact our support

Register here!

Cameraprivee, only accepts models, with the appropriate identification documentation attached


To be a model of Camera Privee, you need to complete two phases of registration, before starting to do your shows. See the step by step:

1. Pre-registration
In this first step, you provide your first registration data, such as:
Account Type - Model, name, nick and email. Attention: even if you finish this step, you will still not be able to login or go online.

2. Validation email
After pre-registering, access the informed email and look for a confirmation email sent by Camera Privee.
Saying "In order to verify your e-mail account (teuemail@exemple.com) is active, please follow the instructions below" You have to Click in the linck to complete registration.
After clicking and activating your email, a page will open to finish your registration. Note - You must save your nick and password to log in to the site later.

3. Registration 
This is the second stage of registration. Now you will fill in all your data, including sending photos of your identification document that prove that you are of legal age, among other important information.

4. Approval step
You have completed the registration. You will receive the reply by email within 24 hours.

Only after the approval email can you start using the website and do shows as a model of the Camera Privee.


The validation email is a mandatory step in your model registration, as you saw in the registration steps.

If you have completed your pre-registration on the website and are not finding the email in your inbox, check the following details: Is the email you provided in the pre-registration correct? Is the email you accessed the same as the one you informed in the pre-registration? Did you look at your trash and spam box?
If you have gone through all of these items and have not yet received the email, please contact us



You do not pay, no fee to register and become a model of Camera Privee. It also does not pay a monthly fee to maintain its profile and transmission room on the website.
The charge only happens when you use one of the modalities of paid chat, sell your content or products.
The site retains a fee of 30% of the amount you charge your customers, and that amount corresponds to the use of the platform, commissions from the respective payment processor firms, advertising and other expenses.


When you become a model for Camera Privee, you start using the platform to monetize your shows and sell the content and products you produce. Your customers pay to have access to your shows, content and products directly with you.
You track your earnings at the top of the site or through your statement. Then, you can make your redemptions and receive the respective amounts directly into your bank account.
The platform rental fee is only charged when you use it to perform your shows, sell your content and products.
The percentage amount (30%) is charged at the moment your customer pays you. If you do not receive gifts, do shows, do not sell content or products, you have nothing to receive, and there is no rental fee.


Need Assistance? Thank you for choosing Cameraprivee ! We will be happy to assist you with any issue, 7 days a week.  Contact us directly  email : support@cameraprivee.eu