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Being a Model on CameraPrivee - How does it work?

Shows on the webcam, sell videos, photos, your lengerie or other objects.

CameraPrivêe, is a platform that allows you to interact with your customers, while offering all payment intermediation.

Create an account and start casting now.


Monetize all your content in one place (Shows, Gifts, Messages, Photo and Video Albums, Product Store)

Live shows are only a part and represent a percentage of your earnings.

Sell your albums and videos at the value you want, spread exclusive material to fans, update your profile with news as if it were a social network, receive gifts from visitors and monetize the direct messages you receive.

Achieve financial independence in your own way and without stress.

Do you want to do shows only a few times a week? Want to create your schedules? Have you thought about increasing your revenue by selling videos and content, and even making money while you are not online?

In CameraPrivee, you have the freedom to control your routine and can earn income that exceeds the minimum monthly wage.

Take advantage of our secure environment, we guarantee your anonymity, Our platform is as secure as the main e-commerce sites. We use the same security practices as global financial institutions, and all of your data will be stored in a secure and encrypted environment.

Your personal data will not be shared and you do not need to contact users to receive your winnings. Transmit with security and total anonymity. We take care of payment intermediation and technological development, so you can concentrate only on the fun part: doing shows and producing content. Optimize your earnings safely and without bureaucracy.

New ways to publicize your profile, you can put your social network on the website at (Blog) to let your fans know that you are connected on the website.

Don't stand still while waiting for that customer who never arrives! Send a message to your favorite customer through the website.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time and * receive it in your bank account or Paypal

* Values above 80.00 Eur.

Go online whenever you want


Your quota is always 70%, with the remaining 30% for the use of the platform, commissions from the respective payment processor firms, advertising and other expenses.


Make your own schedule! Have more quality of life, go on vacation whenever you want, don't put up with bosses, and work without stress, pressure or worries.

What do I need to get started? Internet, computer and webcam

You must be over 18 years of age.

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How do I create a studio account? Click on Register and choose studio.

This account should only be accessed by the studio owner and is the only account that can request payment from the studio.

Studio information

The studios are responsible for:

Sign up and help your models.

Provide clear guidelines on the rules of this site for your artists.

Make sure that you and your artists read and understand the Rules.

Offer assistance and support to your performers.

The model's share is always 70%, the study's share is always 10%, with the remaining 20% for commissions from the respective payment processing companies, advertising, use of the platform, and other expenses.

The model can only request payment over 80.00Eur.

The studio can only request payment over 20.00Eur.

Cameraprivee, only accepts studios that have at least 3 registered models with the appropriate identification documentation attached


cameraprivee, features

3 Live Chat Options

Models can start a private 1-on-1 paid chat, group chat, and free chat.


Performer Status

Models can update their status messages


Paid Video and Photo Galleries

Models can upload both free and paid video and photo sets.


Performer Pricing

Models always have the ability to set prices for their own content


Private Messaging

Users and models can private message to connect


Geo-blocking Users

For privacy, the geo restriction feature allows models to block users from certain countries from visiting their cam.



Models can announce their availability to notify users


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